What is SodaStream?

This is the brand of carbonation systems for home use.  They were invented during the early 1900s to add carbon dioxide (CO2) to drinking water. In those days they were called “apparatus for aerating liquids”.  The newer versions permit adding flavored concentrates  and before you realize it – you have home carbonated, flavor drink  or soda pop.

The initial machines made were rather large and were sold to the houses with more people from the upper classes based in london, including the royal household. There initially were flavors with odd names, one being the famous sarsaparilla released while in the 1920s.  The commercial carbonation machines were also introduced from the 1920s and were very popular.  The first smaller machines for home carbonation was manufactured in 1955. 

Because of so many forms of concentrate, different and unique flavors of soft drinks can be produced.  In the times when the systems were most popular, many well-known brands were available for SodaStream from the concentrate  such as Fants, and Sunkist.            

During the early 1990s, the business merged with Soda-Club and it has since relaunched with a marketing plan geared more in the direction of overall health or healthiers drink for children or families.

The SodaStream drink maker features a canister with CO2 which is pushed into water which makes the water fizzy.  The complete product features a machine, carbon dioxide canister, and several reusable drink bottles especially made for pressurizing. After filling a bottle with water, you screw it on the machine, push a button, and make sparkling water. Carbonated sparkling water is also referred to as seltzer water.  There are very different flavors of concentrated syrups which allows the user to generate regular or diet soda pop (or soft drinks).  When the canister is empty, you give it back and purchase a new canister of CO2.

The popularity of the SodaStream during the 70s and 80s in the United Kingdom and currently are associated with nostalgia for those periods of time.  The advertising jingle in 1970 was “get busy with the fizzy” and was so very well liked, that this slogan was included with their logo.  It was ultimately dropped in 1996 after 17 years.

MilkStream is actually a machine made through the very same company to make milkshakes.  You simply add milk, ice cream and syrup inside a tall glass, insert into the machine and a wand extends into the tall glass to whip up a foaming, delicious milkshake.

Today, SodaStream is a component of Soda-Club and there are many websites where they could be purchased and all the supplies can be ordered and reordered as required.

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