Whenever talking about strong whisky Islay malts would be the finest

For those who have already been appreciating whisky Islay malts are usually ones that you are certain to enjoy. Islay single malts are made in the Islay region in Scotland. You will find about eight distilleries that are active in this region with a ninth one getting ready for manufacturing. This area is really diverse in its beauty that along with whisky production, it has also become a large center for whisky tourism. This particular area holds a Festival of Malt and Music exactly where there are events which hold whisky tasting sessions and other occasions which celebrate the lifestyle of the region.

Islay whiskies are generally very smoky in character though there are several whiskies which are relatively mild which are also created in this region. Along with being smoky and peaty, these whiskies are also a little www.whiskyyeast.com salty in taste. Initially there were about twenty three distilleries existing in this area but this quantity now has gone lower.

The whiskies which are made in the southern part of Islay such as Lagavulin, Ardbeg as well as Laphroaig are those that possess the smoky taste as the central character. They are the distinct characteristics of Islay malts. These kinds of flavors are so distinct to this area because of the high peating amounts of the barley and the drinking water of this area. Whiskies made in this area have been ascribed a somewhat medicinal taste. Notes of seaweed, sodium and even a little bit of iodine are found in whiskies originating from this area. The Scottish distillery of Caol Ila that is based on the northern part of the Islay region also produces very strong smoky and peaty whiskies.

You will find other types of whiskies which are made in this area at the same time. The actual whiskies made in Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain distilleries are comparatively much lighter and are somewhat peated in flavor. Nevertheless the Bruichladdich distillery is also known for generating heavily peated whiskies. The Bowmore distillery produces whiskies which are quite balanced and also have a medium to string peat level. This distillery also uses sherry casks to older their own whisky.

The most recent distillery in the Islay area is the Kilchoman distillery. This distillery is located in the western part of Islay inside a small city of Kilchoman. This distillery is the most westerly distillery in the entire of Scotland. This can be a rather brand new distillery as well as had started production in 2005. The first casks of the distillery were stuffed in December 2005 as well as bottling started in September 2009. In fact, this distillery is among the six only distilleries in Scotland which still does traditional floor malting and it has all of the other processes of malting, distilling, maturing and bottling to be done on the distillery site.

When you are looking for strong whisky Islay whisky is your option. In fact probably the most coveted whisky from this region is called the Lagavulin Single Malt. This particular whisky has a very effective smoky, peaty aroma. The tastes of this whisky are full bodied and strong, perfectly well balanced with a slightly sweet and sleek flavor.