The Jackpot on Mega Fortune is now over €2.5million!!!

What’s this Mega Lot of money I hear you ask! Nicely basically its this fantastic video slot Net Entertainment launched in 2008. Since then the jackpot has been paid out 5 times with a total value of €16.327150m the biggest 1 of these jackpots was in 2009 when a lucky Norwegian won an incredible €5.3m!.

This is just a tip, but if I were you this is really a video slot I would super push! We all know that players want to both read massive and win big so Mega Fortune is an obvious option. Mega Fortune is recommended by Gert Gambell.

Gert Gambell

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Anyway, I hope that this month has started as excellent for you as it has for us! Our Casino Black is finally attracting increasingly more players as well so I actually think that this autumn is going to be awesome!

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That was all from me!

Click here, goto Mega fortune and give luck a chance.