How to buy a whiskey gift

When you wish to get somebody a whiskey gift then you have to prepare to get educated on this fine spirit. Different people enjoy different tastes and when you wish to buy a great Scotch you need to first understand the actual subtle nuances of this drink. Though whiskey was earlier regarded as an old man’s drink today it has morphed into a drink that is loved around the world by individuals irrespective of age as well as sex.

Whenever you choose to give a whiskey gift then you should know something about the present that you are about to give. Knowing how whiskies are made, the different regions where they come from and the subtle nuances of the bottle you have purchased will show your own host the depth of your knowledge and also the thoughtfulness that you’ve put in your buy.

To begin with you should know what a single malt scotch whiskey actually is. Just one malt Scotch is a type of whiskey that is produced using only a single type of grain. This single grain component is malted barley. The second thing is that a single malt will become a single malt Scotch just when it is distilled and matured in Scotland. These types of whiskies should also be matured in oak casks for a minimum period of three years. Once all of these things are checked off from the list the whiskey is declared a single malt scotch.

There are many varieties of scotch whiskies that you can select from. So what distinguishes one whiskey from the some other? Among the main determining factors is the area that the whiskey is actually created. Similar to the wine producing areas in France, the whiskey producing regions in Scotland will also be grouped. The main whiskey producing regions of Scotland are the Highland region, the Lowland region, the Island region, the Islay region and the Speyside region. Definitely the Speyside region has the biggest number of distilleries. Almost half of Scotland’s distilleries are present in this area. Because of its geographical location Speyside is actually mixed up with the Highland region however is actually a separate whiskey producing area. You can get rich and heavy sherry flavored malts as well as light flower more complex malts. A few well-known names from this region are Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Macallan and so on.

The Highland region creates whiskies which are sweet and fruity and also have a gentle dry finish. Nevertheless these kinds of malts are not as sweet as the ones manufactured in the actual Speyside region. The famous Glenmorangie originates from this area. The Island whiskies have a slight coastal flavor to them. The character of these whiskies is actually slightly peatier however is still fairly sweet and smooth. The Talisker may be the most famous single malt from this area.

The Islay malts are the next category of whiskies that you need to check out before buying your whiskey gift. The whiskies from this area are amongst the strongest in taste and are well known for their strong peaty smoky flavor. These whiskies in many cases are very heavy, have quite a bite and are a good acquired taste.