Bowmore whisky, the perfect coming from Scotland

Bowmore whisky is the excellent whisky that has all the best qualities of an ideal single malt whisky. It has a rich and smoky character that is so essential Scottish. Produced in the second oldest distillery in Scotland this is among the list of finest whisky in the planet. The bowmore distillery makes a lot of of the widest and different selection of single malt scotch whiskies and the distillery that is inserted on the edge of the rugged Hebridean island has become existing since 1779.

This whisky has a status of currently being one of the perfect single malts in the whole world and that has become possible As a result of its rigid adherence to the time honored tradition of scotch making. The people and land of Islay are at the same time liable for continuing to keep the tradition alive.

Yet another vital thing that you should contemplate is the water applied in the making of this fine single malt whisky. The Laggan River that flows has pure water that has spent thousand of years percolating through the ancient rocks of the islay. By the time the water gets to the distillery it has accumulated all the prosperous flavors of the island of islay. The bowmore distillery is moreover exclusive in the sense that it malts its own barley. Even nowadays the maltman at the distillery uses the same wooden shovel that his father, grand father and great grand father applied.

The unique taste of the bowmore whisky can moreover be credited to the vaults or cellars where the whisky is aged for anywhere between 12 to 40 years. The cellars are situated below the sea level and the spirit is saved in the very best of American and Spanish oak casks. The salty sea air delivers bowmore whisky its exclusive flavor and taste.

Beginning from £35 to £100 are cost-effective to one and all. There are countless of reviews of the different bowmore whiskies and if you look over some of them you will be amazed how much they vary from one another and this is not something new between whiskey lovers. They either like the product or plainly despise it. Nonetheless, the best way is to taste it and come to a conclusion yourself rather than read testimonials.

This scotch will not disappoint everyone and with a lot of history and experience behind it, it will surely make for great company on a ,leisurely evening. Eventhough it’s a little heavy, it goes well with a bit water and ice.

The 26 year old bowmore has several flavors from fruits to drumstick lollies to old fashioned truck shops. All in all this is a delicate whisky and is a mix of the strong shores of the south and the subtleness of the north.

If you are truly craving for the best Scotch whisky then you can experience the bowmore’s 1965 single malt. This whisky is aged in bourbon and olorosso sherry casks and has the substance of the premium peat grown on the island of islay. This one liter bottle has honey shaded Scotch whisky and costs £6000 at select stores and at Heathrow terminal 5. But if you are not inclined to pay that much even 10 year old scotch will suit your taste for fine whisky.